Barnes: US Congressional Candidate Pledges, “If our boys go to war, I’m going with them.”

A US Congressional candidate in Mississippi’s 4th Congressional district says “If our boys go to war, I’m going with them.”.  In discussion regarding a statement sure to grab attention, Ric McCluskey, a former Marine and war veteran pledges to don his uniform and pick up his rifle once again for the Stars and Stripes.  Ric McCluskey is running against incumbent Republican, Steven Palazzo.  Several of Ric’s talking points have to do with eliminating the needless wars we engage in around the world.  Saying, “I’m not proposing huge cuts to military spending, I’m proposing meaningful use of our military.”  Ric aims to put an end to our military industrial complex.  Here is a link to Ric McCluskey’s Facebook page where you can find his statement.

I can say this for Ric McCluskey, he is not the usual Washington suit and tie.  He is someone I’m sure they will not be happy to see or deal with.  That attitude will be sure to attract members from all political persuasions.  He speaks with a bluntness regarding government that is refreshing and intriguing.  At the very least, if Ric is elected, we can enjoy watching those politicians in Washington suffer the wrath of our disgruntled voters for a few years.  It’s quite obvious, he is not going up there to make friends.


Ric McCluskey

Ric McCluskey- US Congressional Candidate (L-MS)

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