DOBSON: Withdrawing Support For The Two Party System

13 June 2016 The TreadKnot Chronicles

By Shea Dobson

In 2012 when Mitt Romney won the Republican nomination for President I was a member of the Jackson County Republican Executive Committee and even a delegate to the Mississippi GOP

state convention. Being part of the Republican Party meant that I was obligated to support the nominee and certainly couldn’t support anyone else for President… at least publicly. My friends and

family knew clearly that I was voting for Governor Gary Johnson yet I stayed a member of the Republican Party.


Although I didn’t actively promote Romney and, at times, praised Gary Johnson, I wasn’t able to fully show my support for him and I hated every minute of it. I refuse to do that in 2016. This year

I supported Dr. Rand Paul in the Republican primary yet unfortunately Donald Trump has won the nomination and I cannot, in good conscience, pretend that I support such a vile individual. This

isn’t me praising the Libertarian Party and vilifying the Republican Party. There are members of the Republican Party that I proudly support such as Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Thomas

Massie, Congressman Justin Amash, and local leaders such as Senator Chris McDaniel, Senator Michael Watson, and Representative Joel Bomgar. I will support anyone who fights for limited

government regardless of their political party.


This year is an historic election. The two major parties have nominated two of the most disliked individuals in American politics and people are looking for another option. I urge everyone to give

Gary Johnson your consideration.


We have two corrupt authoritarians vs a down-to-earth, successful Governor who simply wants to return power back to who it is supposed to be with- the people. The vast majority of our nation is

not a member of any political party, in fact, in Mississippi we do not even have party registration. You do not owe your allegiance to a group of insiders who want to play politics with your future.


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  1. Paula Wheatley says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better & totally agree with everything you said. I no longer have a voice with the way our voting system is done today, none of us do. The people didn’t vote Obama in, the delegation did! That needs to change desparately. Thanks for following your conscience and staying on the people’s side of politics. Citizen of TN, USA