Ric McCluskey Issues Statement Regarding the Massacre in Orlando

Ric McCluskey

13 June 2016 The TreadKnot Chronicles

By Ric McCluskey


Like many in the last couple of days, I have struggled with words and how to process what happened in Orlando. It was just a few short weeks ago, I was in that great city for a speech which was

only a matter of miles from where this senseless tragedy took place. I know the terrorist could have very easily picked our convention as a target for his cowardly act. It’s a reality that has been

running through my head. With that being said, my thoughts on the event and how I plan to move forward are beginning to come together but only through intense prayer and discussion with

friends and family.


I made an oath to defend this country at 18 years old as I went into the United States Marine Corps. That oath was to protect every American. There was no clause that provided exception for

anyone I may have disagreed with. Going forward, that oath remains intact. Regardless of my capacity, rather it be as a Congressman or a private citizen, I am prepared to do whatever it takes to

protect my fellow Americans regardless of their life choices or their political persuasions. As a Christian, I am a sinner who is saved by the blood of Christ and only through his mercy was I given

life. I love my fellow man and my heart shatters when something transpires such as what happened in Orlando.


My role as an Oathkeeper, a congressional candidate, a Christian and simply just a decent person is to put human life in the highest regard. The one promise that I make is I will not be like most

politicians who use such a senseless tragedy for nothing more than advancing their political agenda. Instead, I will fight relentlessly to bring a message to unite and not fracture us anymore. As

many of you know, this is not easy in the world we are currently living in.


I will also fight with every ounce of my being to guarantee that Americans are provided with the opportunity to protect themselves, family and property. Violence surrounds us today. I cannot, in

good faith, strip innocent people of their ability to defend their right to life, on an even playing field, from those who wish to inflict harm.


With all this being said, there will be many who disagree on this and that is understandable. Emotions are high in today’s political discourse and they seem to be elevating. Civil conversations have

to be had or we will not make any progress. If we are divided as a people, we will surely fall. We have to unite and confront the actions of those who I will not consider “human”.


To the monsters that seem hell bent on this continuous assault on our people, we see you. Understand, that there are those that will maintain our principles while surgically removing the

cancerous parasite that you are from this planet. Also understand, that there are those of us who are growing increasingly anxious to do so. Just like San Bernandino, Ft Hood and now Orlando,

you cowardly killed innocent people. I urge you to enjoy each breath that you take because they are on borrowed time.


Ric McCluskey can be reached via email at rbmccluskey@ft.newyorklife.com



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