Shea Dobson: No Longer Socially Liberal, Thanks to Social Liberals

Before I ever got into politics I understood that I have a fairly laid back, live-and-let-live attitude towards most social issues. I’m not a fan of drugs yet I understand the hypocrisy of a society that has beer sponsors for the Superbowl yet destroys families by throwing people in prison over a plant. I’m religious but I do not feel the need to push my faith on others. I’m heterosexual and have no issues with gay marriage or care what someone does in their bedroom.

After I started to study philosophy and politics I became aware of how the lines were drawn and I was thrown into the socially liberal category for holding these beliefs. However over the past few years social liberals have moved so far to the extreme left I no longer can call myself socially liberal. I understand why it’s important to respect everyone and not intentionally hurt others, but liberals have become absolutely militant and, at times, downright absurd in their quest for a completely equal society.

To illustrate my point consider the fact the RuPaul was the center of controversy from the fringe left for using the term “tranny.” However RuPaul isn’t exactly politically correct and has no qualms with standing up to the social justice warriors of today. Yet take the case of Timothy Boatwright who is a transgender man attending Wellesley College, a women’s liberal-arts college located in Massachusetts. Born a female, Timothy isn’t the only transgender that attends the school yet trouble found him when he decided to run for multicultural affairs coordinator on the student government which is responsible for promoting a culture of diversity within the school. Before the vote he received backlash because students felt that by identifying as a white male and holding that office he would further the patriarchy. For the full story check out the New York times article here:

Liberals have shown how intolerant and out of touch they really are by demonizing simple, everyday people because they don’t know the current term to call someone like Timothy who identifies as “masculine-of-center genderqueer.” Whether you are gay, straight, or bisexual, most people understand that everyone is unique in their own way and has specific preferences but not every aspect of your identity needs a special box to check. I don’t understand what’s so liberal about wanting to separate and label everyone.

It doesn’t stop with gender. Liberals have begun demanding special treatment and immunity from the real world by stifling free speech. Just look at the absolutely hysterical reaction on college campuses to Milo Yiannopoulos or their complete disrespect for supporters of Donald Trump. Milo makes some good points and some bad ones while Trump is probably the most dangerous Presidential candidates in years, but the liberal tyrants who shut down these events show how little respect they actually have for freedom of speech. This is the 2016 version of burning books.

It’s past time for social sanity to take back the narrative in American politics. Whether you a little more traditional and conservative or progressive and liberal, I believe most people are just decent folks who want to pursue their own happiness and live life according to their values. So do what makes you happy. Get married or don’t, smoke marijuana or don’t, read the Bible or Quran, be an Atheist or Buddhist, drink black coffee or vanilla latte, at the end of the day let’s be able to respect each other and maybe even have a beer together, is that too much to ask?

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