Joshua Hardy: I Am Not An Open Borders Libertarian

I feel like I am the lone wolf on this issue. Whether or not I am the only libertarian that takes this stand on this issue remains to be seen. Until that time comes I feel that it’s time for an actual conversation to take place. By actual conversation I mean one that is absent of talking points and ill thought out Facebook replies.

There seems to be two main camps that get the attention in this conversation. On one extreme you have the Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory crowd that thinks that showing some concern for our southern border somehow magically turns this country into East Berlin. On the other extreme you have a crowd that thinks that showing concern for our southern border can only be authentic if the situation turns into a scene from the Cheech Marin movie “Born in East L.A.”. The crowd that lies in the middle often gets booed for trying to be pragmatic.

Dealing with the Jesse Ventura crowd first…East Berlin. This is a big stretch of the imagination. I honestly cannot believe that levelheaded people have taken this position. But they have, so a discussion needs to take place. For those that do not remember, East Berlin was in the conquered nation of East Germany after World War II. Berlin was divided into different sections and placed under control of different nations. East Berlin was controlled by the Soviets. The Germans that lived in East Berlin did not like living under an authoritarian regime, so they would escape to West Berlin. To prevent this from happening, the Soviets built a wall separating East and West Berlin. This is the wall and the situation that the Jesse Ventura crowd thinks of when someone mentions securing the southern border of the United States.

Last I checked, no one was fleeing the United States. In fact, the United States is the country that people flee to. We are literally one of the freest countries on the planet. Do we have issues with the government? Of course we do. Does this mean that there is some reason that we should fear being stuck in a country that is physically the size of Europe? No, we should not. This Jesse Ventura crowd is trying to compare one of the freest, if not the freest country in the history of this planet with one of the most totalitarian countries in the history of the planet. I have yet to see someone make a reasonable explanation of how this comparison is reasonable.

The other crowd on the extreme…how can you round up 11 million people and put into cattle cars for deportation? That is literally the population of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. How can you deport that many people? I’m not going to discuss this end of the spectrum further in this article because I would like to focus on my opposition to the libertarian position.

The libertarian position, or the position that many libertarians take, is that somehow borders are bad. Somehow borders are just an imaginary line that should not exist and that their existence is harmful to humanity. This fallacy finds its origin in the anarchy wing of the libertarian spectrum. Anarchists do not believe in a civil government. If no government exists, then there would be no borders. If they could get rid of the borders, then this would rid us of the current government that we have. This idea is not far fetched. It is in line with the globalists who have established the European Union and would like to establish the North American Union. The only difference here is that the anarchists do not realize by erasing our borders, they will not erase the government. Governments do not just go away. They may merge, decrease in size, or be replaced. But an area will not be government less. If our current government goes away, then a new one will step in. Whether it would be a North American Union or some other force remains to be seen.

Borders are good. Borders define the physical boundaries of the country, state, locality, and even private property. Without these borders, then protection of rights and freedom cannot be accomplished. When borders are not respected, then protection of rights and freedom begin to erode away. What happens when you have enough illegal immigrants in a state (the immigrants being from a socialist nation), and now they want to have universal healthcare in that state? Should a citizen be forced to live under a new law because there were more illegal immigrants than there were citizens? Allowing non-citizens of the country to vote makes about as much sense as someone from Mississippi going to Alabama to vote. This does not make sense. But for some reason we have people crying that we are isolationists if want a system by Americans & for Americans.

I guess this is where I insert the disclaimer that I am not against immigration. I am fine with people coming over here for a better life. But just because I am for people coming over here for a better life does not mean that I am fine with watching representative government tossed aside. To ensure the integrity of the system that we have, only qualified electors should vote in elections. For further perspectives like this on a variety of issues, check out my book “Libertarianism in a Nutshell”, available on


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