Derrick Tapp: Mississippi Death Traps

Roads our families drive on in Mississippi are literally deathtraps. The NHTSA indicates that 33% of all traffic fatalities are attributable to unsafe road conditions, grossly negligent road maintenance and the lack of vital safety improvements. The cost in lives is beyond measure while the monetary cost exceeds $2Billion annually in Mississippi. This is because our state officials have decided the taxes originally meant for road repair and safety improvements should be given to corporate interests in the name of “economic development” instead.

In return for giving our tax dollars away the corporate suits gladly give kickbacks to the elected officials in the form of campaign contributions. Elected officials recently utilized a voice vote to continue using our stolen laundered taxes to buy cars, fancy dinners, vacations, retirement and just about anything else they want personally. All that’s bad enough but since our highways are deathtraps because of the multibillion dollar redistribution of our taxes, the state has decided to ramp up the number of traffic citations and make highways 4th Amendment free zones. They do this in the name of driver safety. Talk about adding insult to injury. They steal our taxes turning our roads into deathtraps and then expect us to thank them for fining us and rifling through our vehicles like we live in a communist country.

If only there was a way to track traffic safety in Mississippi so drivers would know where to exercise the most caution on these deathtraps. Shockingly, there is a way but Mississippi families will never have that information because it would expose the extreme level of corruption. Since 2004 the Mississippi Department of Public Safety has utilized a multi-million dollar tax funded data analysis system called SAMS (Safety Analysis Management System). SAMS is so advanced it can pinpoint the most deadly stretches of highway with near perfection. Why is it that drivers and our families are kept in the dark about where the most deadly stretches of roadway in Mississippi are located?

Government officials and their families know where these deadly stretches of road are located but drivers and our families have to guess based on how many traffic tickets are written in a particular area. The group of people writing these traffic citations don’t see anything wrong with aggressively pursuing drivers because they are not subject to traffic laws themselves. The unequal application of laws is the definition of corruption and oppression. In this case it is also deadly to Mississippi families.

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