Justin White: The Evangelical Vote for President is Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson – the 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate – a name every American evangelical should know and support. Why is Johnson the evangelical vote? Most importantly, Johnson will not use the government to stop you from freely spreading the Word of God.

Libertarians believe that everyone should be free to do whatever they want with their lives as long as they are not hurting anyone. As an evangelical, this brings to mind images of drug use and prostitution. Sadly many people indulge in these sins today and making these illegal has not stopped people from committing such sins. It is important to remember that the government cannot legislate morality no matter how many laws it creates.

Because we are called by God in Romans 13 to follow the authorities over us and because God put those authorities in place, we are often forced to follow laws that are against our beliefs. For example, Hobby Lobby, a Christian owned business, was forced to give birth control and abortion inducing pills to their employees under threat of daily million dollar fines, and Christian bakers have been forced by a judge to bake a cake for a gay wedding under threat of being thrown in jail. As Americans, we are blessed with the freedom to elect our authorities, and, as Christians, we must vote responsibly for the candidates who will protect our freedom of religion.

Even though in a free society people may make the wrong life decisions, there will be nothing to stop us from ministering to those who are broken. Just as they have the freedom to ruin their lives, we have the freedom to bring Christ into their lives as long as there is no authority who will stop us.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may say they are Christians but their actions have not proven this to be true. Based on their public actions, Clinton and Trump do not bear the spiritual fruits nor do they adhere to the teachings of Christ.  In both of their plans for government, they will use your money to pay for things that are at the very least not Christian and many of which are downright evil. Though, he is not as vocal about his religious beliefs, Gary Johnson in this election and in life has exhibited all of the virtues that a true Christ follower has.

It is time to acknowledge that the only thing that can repair our broken America is Christ, and in order to spread the Gospel in America we need to have a government that will neither prevent nor persecute us for doing so. Voting for Gary Johnson will help get the government out of our way so we can preach the Gospel and reach the lost without having to jump through bureaucratic hoops and restrictive regulations. We have freedom of religion in this country and the only presidential candidate that will fight to reclaim it is Gary Johnson.

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