SHEA DOBSON: An Indictment on Political Elitists

I hate politics. No, I really, really hate politics. This may sound cliché, but when I got involved in politics I genuinely did so out of passion and a drive to change things for the better. I feel like most people get involved for that reason and it is that passion that may sometimes get them overwhelmed and fearful of the other side. Some of my friends and acquaintances in politics don’t let themselves experience much outside of their political life and it makes it impossible for them to get out of their own echo chamber and into the real world. Their zealotry grows stronger as their claims become brasher. Part of their zealous, partisan crusade is the belief that they are entitled to your support, they aren’t!


Most Americans do not vote in primaries and had absolutely nothing to do with nominating Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. In fact, according to a new Gallup poll, they each hold a 58 percent unfavorable rating. The average American does not want Trump or Clinton to be President yet the political elitists are determined to scare all of us into a false reality that they are our only options. What are their arguments? For Trump supporters it’s “Do you want Hillary to be President!?” and Hillary fans argue “But if you don’t vote for Hillary, Trump will win!!” Most of these folks ironically admit they don’t like their choice but that they don’t want to “waste their vote.”


I have news for these people, it’s you who are the fringe and wasting your vote. Most Americans align more with Gary Johnson than they do with the two lunatics being promoted by the dinosaur parties. The average American understands the need to be economically responsible and socially tolerant. We are tired of fighting Republicans in our bedroom and Democrats in our wallet.


Gary Johnson is the moderate in the race and the only sane person running in 2016. Of course, the political elitists will talk about how vital this election is and how the other candidate is so horrible that we need to just suck it up and support their side. What they don’t seem to understand is that this is the PERFECT time to vote third party. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump represent everything that is wrong with politics and everyone knows it. Watching these two on television makes me interested to see how season 5 of House of Cards will be able to top the blatant corruption and ridiculousness of this election.


Both sides have taken to attacking Gary Johnson at a level unheard of in 2012. They understand he is a threat and that the vast majority of Americans are looking for another option. Literally the only tool they have to prop up their moss-covered, two-party monopoly is fear and ridicule. They want to keep us afraid and obedient. The political elitists are terrified that you may actually think for yourself and refuse to play their game. I didn’t write this for those of you who consistently show up to political meetings or work for some organization. This isn’t for elected officials or grassroots activists. Frankly, most of you are the very people I am talking about. No, this is for those of you who wish this election was over already. I’m talking to those of you in my inbox asking me to explain what is going on or who see me around town and pick my brain. Don’t let these political busybodies scare you into wasting your vote on the status quo. Gary Johnson is a true indictment of these political elitists who are responsible for giving you the criminal and the con man.


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