SHEA DOBSON: 2017, The Fight for Mississippi


With the 2016 election over, Republicans are celebrating a historic win while Democrats are in crisis mode. The vast majority of political commentators predicted Hillary Clinton to be the next President and a Trump victory shows how fed up with political establishment the country really is. People are tired of the polished political elite who spend more time practicing speeches than they do reading the bills they vote on.

Make no mistake, Trump won as a Republican but the GOP is still freaking out. They see the writing on the wall and understand that their own grassroots are fed up with the excuses and incompetency coming from their establishment yes-men. Here in Mississippi we are all too familiar with the good-ol-boy system and I think it’s time we fight back.

In 2017 Mississippi will have local municipal elections and I believe we need to send a clear message, not only to Washington politicians, but to the folks sitting in Jackson as well, that we are coming for their seats. A 2014 study found our state the most corrupt in the nation and from the cronyism that gives private companies millions, to Jackson politicians lobbying to take BP money from the coast in order to bail out their irresponsible spending, it’s time we drain the swamp here as well.

Every four years Americans find themselves at war with each other over the Presidency while ignoring the local elections in between. The Presidency is important, yet your leaders at the state and local level are able to impact your life far more than those who occupy the Oval Office.

I’m proud of being from the coast yet I know we are in need of some new faces. I have friends from all over the state and I know they feel the same. It is time we take back control of our state and insist on fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability. Make no mistake, in 2017 we will begin to take our state back and it starts from the ground up at the city level. I am very optimistic about the years to come and I look forward to fighting the good-ol-boy system and sending some politicians into an early retirement.


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