Barnes: Lies, Hypocrisies, Deceit- A Tale of an Establishment Candidate in Conservative Clothing

I’ll cut right to the chase here.  There is a candidate running in a Special Election for State House district 108 in Pearl River County who’s campaign supporters have been directing attacks at her competitor Tavish Kelly, in order to discredit him.  The problem is that they are either outright lying, being misleading or accusing him of receiving out of town donations ALL THE WHILE DOING IT THEMSELVES.  If you’re going to attack someone, don’t be a hypocrite.  No one likes a hypocrite.


We’ve all grown weary of these types of tactics.  Tavish’s opponent has fought against conservative candidates in the past and is being helped by Mitch McConnell’s own campaign director.  As we all know, McConnell is NO CONSERVATIVE.  He is also a major road block to President Trump’s agenda.  Tavish’s opponent also helped Thad Cochran to defeat Conservative challenger, Chris McDaniel in 2014.  Tavish’s opponent also supported John Kasich during the Republican Primary.  It is obvious that her track record proves she is anti-conservative.   She aims to go up to Jackson where her establishment friends will welcome her with open arms to continue growing an irresponsible state government.

If Tavish is elected, you can be sure he will seek to limit government and fight the establishment at every turn to promote a more limited and efficient state government.  We, here at TreadKnot Chronicles, are proud to support Tavish Kelly in his bid for the State House seat in Pearl River County.  Many of our contributors have worked with Tavish on Conservative campaigns and promoting Liberty throughout the state and colleges.  Tavish’s track record is populated with conservative accomplishments and spans several years.  He will not waver from his conservative views and has been a staunch Republican his entire life.  It’s time for all those years and thousands of hours promoting conservative values and candidates to reward you!

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