About Us

This organization was started with a simple goal in mind, to change politics.  We are based in Biloxi, MS where we are working to grow the political awareness of the local and state voters.  With the Presidential election over with, the enthusiasm for involvement in the political spectrum continues to remain unusually high!  We aim to bring you the issues being worked and provide you with long term perspectives regarding those issues.  Politics can not be viewed one issue at a time.  It is an extremely cumbersome task to understand what the repercussions of a bill passing today could mean in 10-15 years.  We shouldn’t be focused on what the bill accomplishes today, but what it could lead to in the future.

We will also be bringing you the future stars and failures of the political field in Mississippi.  Keep an eye out for each editions spotlight, where we will do informational pieces on perspective future candidates.  We will do our best to give you an idea of whats coming down the pike so you can be prepared!  Stay strong, stay interested and stay vigilant!